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I am Pussy… hear me roar! “Meeow”


Eh? What you lookin at?  Oh – is me!  Hehehehe… I am Little Mishka! 

I love my music, I love my mama, I love my pet mouse, my pooh bear and most of all I love helpin!  And sleepin, o’ course! 


My mamma’s got a blog so I wanted one too cos I do everything she does!  She just doesn’t know that I’m a people too – yet – but she will…  I keep showin her I can do everything she does!  I paint, I type, I’m even good at helpin with the filing!  Mamma let me type in my own blog name… She thinks I did it random, but it’s secret cat-code! 

‘Unit B5487… calling all units… at the ready!’   A bit like borg, but it’s a pussy thing… oh don’t even bother trying to figure it out, not a chance unless you speak cat-code too!

Lately Mama’s been talkin all about Twitterers… I been watchin, but ain’t seen no birdies, except from my fave spot on her bedroom window sill… oh yeeeesss, they be beautiful little ground twits, magpies, larks, peewees and little wrens!  If they stay still long enough, I’ll post some piccies I took with my – erm – mamma’s camera, but it’s mine really!  Everything of hers is mine.  Yup.  I sit on it, just to make sure, so no-one else gets it…