All About Little Mishka

This is Little Mishka’s blog; mamma’s little big helper!  She helps with absolutely everything – Oh yes!  There is nothing we do in which her little nose, paws and everything else doesn’t become involved!  

Little Mishka

Even the dishes must be attended, but simply reaching for the hanging pans and a wooden spoon to make a racket loud enough to wake the dead now sends her tearing to the kitchen entrance-way where she sits patiently awaiting completion of our least loved task.  We no longer, thankfully, have to actually make the sound, just reach up.  (It was the only thing which would remove her from the wonderful, flavour filled aromas which put her tiny frame so perilously beneath bubbling pots and sizzling pans on one too many occasions for comfort!)  Of course, sweeping and mopping of the kitchen and laundry floors is quite another matter; we must be the ever faithful familiar and ride the broom, of course!!  (or mop!)

Patient & Pensive Mishka

The smell of raw red meat makes Little Mishka howl like a maniac.  She loves it, but is never given it!  She also loves her big beau Tom, who comes prowling and howling sweet serenades to her each evening, which is why she cannot go outside unattended.  Yet!

Mishka loves her tuna and her cheese (special treats only!), goes crazy over the smell of freshly brewed coffee, isn’t that fond of milk and sits and sniffs empty wine bottles for ages; she will take any and every opportunity to lap at any glass containing an alcoholic beverage if left unattended even for a moment, particularly red wine or whisky!

Mishka laying claim to the basket we toss our empties grog bottles into.

She loves to paint and keeps stealing her mamma’s paintbrushes.  Since her arrival not a single artwork has been completed without Little Mishka leaving at least one signature paw-print embedded somewhere.  Who knows what effect this will have on future sales!

Can you see the paw-prints?

One can never leave a book or magazine lying around without Mishka sitting on it and attentively attempting to leaf through its pages.  If one didn’t know better, one would think she were actually reading it, the way she sits and stares at the pages.   She hoards all reading material too, given half a chance and sits and watches the words flick across the screen when ‘Rex’ is on television. 

German music of any kind will put Mishka to sleep, as will piano.

Socks are a sacred entity and as soon as peeled from ones hot, aching feet they are snatched away and buried in Little Mishka’s basket amidst all her other treasures.  She will inhale of their delicate aroma and paw them vigorously until she nods off.  It’s no wonder she passes out so quickly! 

Soft Kitty, warm kitty, little ball of furr...

She loves chewing on suspender belt clips, but has no interest in stockings whatsoever!

Mishka will not chew shoes, but will stick her head in them and leave it there.  She loves licking high heels and munching on shoe laces.

Computers; these wonderful things are a game in themselves; Mishka has a particular liking for laptops!  She does so love to type, and if the screen is left unattended and goes into standby, power saving mode, Mishka has figured out how to give the little black square a nonsulent pat with her paw to bring back all the pretty little pictures.  ‘Smurfs’ on YouTube keeps little Mishka glued to the screen.  An unattended laptop is quickly laid claim to and kept warm by Mishka’s furry little bottom, which she has figured out, if positioned correctly, will turn it on, or off, as is her penchant.  We’re hoping this is purely coincidental because it’s a little disturbing that our cat can fire up a laptop and type stuff.

Is it on yet?

USB’s are her new mice.

Bath time, ours, not hers, is not sacred either.  Little Mishka loves water!!!  She has figured out how to put her little paw in the slightest gap and push doors open.  If closed, she will sit and paw at it endlessly until it is opened.  No bath or shower can be had without her company and she is always very eager to get scrubbed down herself.

Mishka has oat and honey scrubs weekly.

Only a week ago Mishka figured out how to open the back screen slide door by keeping both right paws on the floor, gripping the mat tightly, whilst tucking her front left paw into the rubber housing at the base, and her left leg back paw braced against the screen itself.  Claws out on all paws – a mighty heave – and voila, open sesame!  Hello Tomcat.  Fortunately we were sitting on the back verandah having coffee when Little Mishka made this particular discovery.

Talking on the telephone is another of Little Mishka’s favourite tasks; not a call can be made without positive, or sometimes, extremely negative, input being made, depending to whom one is speaking.  She has become a very reliable gauge of character and call content in this regard for us all!
Music is Mishka’s passion and she will sit and stare at the stereo, willing it to start singing, until it is turned on.  (So willing it works, huh!)  Indeed oftentimes she attempts to turn it on herself and gets most cross and frustrated when she cannot make the buttons work!  We have a music machine of one sort or another in every room of the house and she will trit-trot from one to the other until she finds one making her sound of preference for the moment.  She has a particular penchant for BBC Classics on ABC Classic FM, particularly fat ladies singing opera and will not go to bed unless it is turned on for her. 

Mishka sleeps and wakes when we do.

 Mishka gets most excited at the sound of her name, followed by her favourite tunes being played when our local radio station dedicate songs to her.  She loves ‘The Godfather Theme’, ‘The Cat Came Back’ and ‘Pussycat, Pussycat’ best so far…

Often Little Mishka attempts to change her own litter; she is extremely particular and will not use the same litter tray more than once, even if the wet spot is only an inch in diameter in a two foot square litter tray.  The whole household knows what to do when we hear the crunching sound of the litter bag being opened.  Once we found her sitting in it, doing her business, little front paws pressed against the wall as she did a contortionists balancing act.  It was so adorable we hadn’t the heart to be cross, particularly as she had figured out how to un-peg the bag, open in and step right in!

Mishka is a clever little cat and understands and responds to word commands in the same manner as an intelligent dog will.  She attempts to speak and will never enter a room without saying hello in a deep pitched purry little growl as she trots by.  She will alway answers when spoken to, which is sometimes very funny indeed. 

Little Mishka is not afraid of dogs; we have three big and one little dog on each side of us.  One of them, a big cuddly labrador, we think she is in love with.  She greets him every morning from the bedroom window and gets most disgruntled if he doesn’t emerge for his morning constitutional.  If something bothers him and he starts barking she barks back, not at him, but with him!  Not a meow, but a crackly, croaky, deep-throated bark – it’s hilarious to listen to and to watch! 

When the birds appear in the garden, Mishka doesn’t try to chase them like most cats do, but tries to talk to them with these strange little clipped clucking sounds and little quippy meows.  She loves her birds, but not in a normal ‘cat’ way, in more of a ‘Can I Fly With YOU?’ kind of way.  She absolutely loves being airborne and will remain in her basket with her little head sticking out if she is moved from room to room.  Her favourite possie is sitting on the shoulder; walking around with her there poses no problem – for her! – at all.

Mishka has only one fear; the vacuum.  It literally scares her stiff rigid and she cannot move, so we tuck her up under a blanket on one of the beds until the task is over now when we vacuum.

Little Mishka, we think, does not know she is a cat.  Since being removed from her litter she has had no contact with other cats.  She was kept caged for her whole tiny life before we adopted her as a very young, tiny kitten (only a little bigger than my hand) and her only contact has been with humans, dogs, mice and birds; we aren’t sure which she thinks she is, perhaps an amalgamation, but the fact that she keeps trying to walk on two legs may be some indication! 

A result of this caging is slight agrophobia, which in one way is a good thing as her preference is generally for indoors (except when Tomcat visits).  It also means she loves burying herself in small confined places, which sometimes makes her difficult to find!  She will snuggle up under any blanket or pillow where she is completely hidden and lie there wide awake, purring contentedly in her darkness and solitude for hours.

We call her Little Mishka, meaning Little Bear because she acts more like a little circus bear than a cat!  She is absolutely adorable, with a wonderful nature, extremely intelligent and is, well, a little cracked in the head!  That’s why she makes such a good addition to our dysfunctional family ~ we’re all a little peculiar in this clan ~ and also why she now has her own blog; this little bear has impact where-ever she goes and with all who meet her; Little Mishka is just too bizarre, unique, and insanely adorable not to be shared!


🙂 xxo.

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